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Here is some information from the internet for you:  “Computer systems are divided into three zones: input, processing, and output. The input into the computer revolves around sensors and switches. The processing is done inside the computer. The outputs are devices like solenoids, injectors, pressure control valves, relays, and indicator lights.” With vehicles moving away from having just mechanical parts, and becoming increasingly computerized and fitted with more and more electronic components, it is necessary to solve certain malfunctions using a Computer Diagnostic scan.  This process involves a special tool that can be physically connected to your car’s system, perform a scan, and provides an analysis of your car’s various computer systems and components. Therefore, if your car is displaying symptoms of an illuminated icon/ light on the dashboard, such as a “Check Engine” light, or misfiring, our technicians can perform a scan to find the cause of the problem.  We have the solutions and we can guide you.

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